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Marriage Counseling in New York City

If you are reading this, then the chances are that your marriage is going through a rough patch and is in need of some help to get it back on track again. While it would be easy to criticize couples across New York City for not enlisting the services of a professional at the first sign of trouble in their relationship, the fact of the matter is that it is understandable that many couples, or at least individuals within these relationships, are reluctant to do so. At the end of the day, a marriage is a very special bond between two people and it makes sense that adding another person to this dynamic may seem like a betrayal of some sorts—but trust me, this is not the case.

With a wealth of experience in marriage counseling, Robin Bryant, Ph.D. offers a sensitive, confidential yet effective service that can help couples overcome their struggles and get back to the loving relationship that brought them together in the first place. So, whether you have been married for twenty years or twenty months, Robin Bryant, Ph.D. can help you.

Your Top Questions About Marriage Counseling in NYC, Answered

When you and your partner decide that your marriage needs some help and decide to visit the offices of Robin Bryant, Ph.D., it’s normal that you might both feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to expect next. The choice to go to therapy isn’t an easy one, mainly due to the stigma in New York City society. But there’s no reason to feel insecure about your choice. You and your spouse are about to embark on a journey of healing, and you’ll both develop new skills that will enrich every aspect of your life.

To make the initial anxiety of your first session, we’ve asked our clients about the questions they wish they had asked before their first marriage counseling session in New York City. Don’t see your question here? No problem—just give our office a call!

Do You Offer a ‘Do I Need Marriage Counseling Quiz’?

Psychologists and therapists use quizzes and questionnaires to diagnose a wide variety of mental disorders and coping mechanisms. That said, no survey or poll you fill out on the Internet will be able to tell if you and your partner need marriage counseling.

So how can you tell if your marriage is ‘in trouble’ or ‘needs counseling’? The first is to ditch the negative, blame-focused thinking. Marriages aren’t good or bad.

Repeat after me: my marriage is neither good nor bad.

When you and your partner focus on value judgments like ‘in bad shape’ or ‘in trouble,’ it does nothing to address the root issues but adds a lot of shame and stress onto the topic. This can create a lot of anxiety.

When you choose the most experienced marriage counseling firm in NYC near you—the offices of Robin Bryant, Ph.D.—you are choosing to work on behaviors and strategies that may have worked in the past but no longer work for your marriage. A marriage that works is about developing effective communication strategies with your partner.

The only way for anyone to assess if your marriage is not currently working for you and your partner is you and your partner. It’s time to open up with one another about what isn’t working, without fear of judgment or punishment. If you both want and agree to do the work of learning new communication skills, then marriage counseling is right for you.

Marriage Counseling: What to Expect at the First Session

The first marriage counseling session you attend at the offices of Robin Bryant, Ph.D. is all about you and your partner getting to know your therapist. We won’t dive right into tricky solutions or difficult problems. Simply, the first session is here for you to both speak your mind about the issues you’ve been experiencing and who you are as people.

What might be useful for your first session is to think of concrete goals you and your spouse want to achieve in your marriage. Not a vague, abstract goal like “fix our marriage”—which begs the question, what’s broken about it? Instead, think more along the lines of “my partner and I want to get better control over our finances, and feel less stressed out about spending every month.” See the difference? Robin Bryant, Ph.D. will be here to guide you gently through the process.

Three Signs Your Marriage May Need Professional Help

The realization for some that a marriage is more than a mere fairytale can be hard to accept, but the reality is that for the vast majority of couples, this is the case. The reasons for this development are as varied as they are specific to each particular couple but what you need to know is that marriages are hard and often need professional help to thrive and prosper. With that in mind, here are three signs that your marriage may need professional help to get it back where it needs to be:

  1. You Aren’t Communicating: Truth be told, a vast majority of marriage and relationship issues are simply challenges in communication. Robin Bryant, Ph.D. will use her qualifications and experience in this regard to find and facilitate new ways of communicating with one another. The reason that this is so important is because once communication has deteriorated beyond the point of repair, it is hard to get going back in the right direction.
  2. All Conversations are Negative: If you find that every conversation that you and your partner are having is based around one partner feeling judged, shamed, or insecure and wanting to withdraw from the conversation, then you know something is wrong. Negative communication can often quickly escalate into emotional abuse so that is another reason why it needs to be tackled early before the problem gets any worse.
  3. When You’re Afraid to Talk: If you are too scared to even bring up an issue, then this is a very clear sign that something needs to change in your marriage. So, if you or your partner is afraid to discuss anything from sex to money, then you definitely need to give my clinic a call!

Frequently Experienced Problems That Marriage Counseling Can Assist With

A successful marriage requires a lot of hard work, commitment, and most of all mutual respect. Life is long, and over the years circumstances and events can change the teamwork that is required between spouses.

Couples often feel like they are unique in experiencing the problems facing them. However, the fact is that countless of other couples have been exactly where you are. Acknowledging this simple fact is often deeply reassuring and comforting.

We’ve compiled this list of various issues that can plague a marriage. All of these issues and more can be addressed and articulated in your marriage counselling appointment.

  • Grief
  • Grief is an immensely powerful, draining emotion that has huge effects on individuals and couples. Whether you are mourning the loss of a relative or a dear friend, there is no denying the devastating impact of grief. Shock can frequently make communication that much more difficult. With empathy and compassion, Dr. Bryant helps couples through their grief every day.

  • Physical Health Issues
  • Whether age-related or sudden, health problems can place a huge strain on a marriage. Someone who’s experienced an injury or a health issue may be more dependent than ever on their spouse. This holds particularly true if one spouse is unable to work or contribute to household activities. Dr. Bryant will help you articulate the health problems and the issues they’ve caused.

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Just like physical health problems, mental health issues can have a tremendous impact on the strength of a marriage. It presents a real challenge both for the spouse experiencing the mental health problems and the spouse caring for them. With counseling, couples can learn to deal with the effects of mental health problems as they occur.

  • Blended Families and Second Marriages
  • A second marriage can be a wonderful thing, but it can also create much emotional turmoil within families. Dr. Bryant helps couples deal with the stress of unsupportive relatives and difficulties within a blended family.

  • Addictions
  • While many people think of addictions simple in terms of drugs or alcohol, nearly everything can have addictive tendencies. Dr. Bryant often encounters couples struggling with addictions to gambling, the Internet, overeating as well as substance abuse. We offer a non-judgemental, nurturing environment in which couples can frankly discuss the addictions affecting their marriage.

  • Infidelity
  • Affairs are the ending factor of many marriages and relationships. However, a number of couples choose to work through these devastating events. Some even emerge stronger than ever. In Dr. Bryant’s experience, honesty and open communication are the best ways to move past the pain of an unfaithful spouse. Choosing to work through the problems instead of parting is an extremely encouraging sign.

  • Parenting Matters
  • Differing parenting ideals or methods often drive a wedge through even the strongest couples. Combine this with the constant stress of parenting and you encounter a series of severe problems. Dr. Bryant has been working with parents for many years, helping them to strengthen their partnership and resolve differences in opinion.