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Anxiety and Depression in New York

If you are seeking treatment for issues related to anxiety and depression, we welcome you to contact us. With over 26 years of experience in the field of psychology, we are here to help you. To begin your journey today, contact us at (212) 721-8910.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Do You Struggle with Anxiety Disorder or Clinical Depression?

Whether you struggle with depression or not, no one is capable of making it through life without the help from someone––time-to-time.

Complex issues, however, require complex forms of treatment from qualified professionals. Thankfully, the therapists at Robin Bryant, Ph.D. are here to help you. Let us work with you to demystify your difficulties without downplaying them.

Schedule an In-Depth Evaluation with a Licensed Psychologist

Depression and anxiety come in many forms. That is why our approach to anxiety and depression treatment also comes in many forms.

To best determine how we will organize your sessions and which approach we will take, we begin by offering you an in-depth evaluation. We will take the time to learn about you, your medical history, and more.

You Are Not Alone: Let Us Be Your Active Therapists

There are specific approaches to therapy that simply revolve around a doctor letting their patient talk. While that can be empowering and liberating for some clients, others seek more than just an outlet during their therapy sessions.

Here, we play the role of an active therapist with our patients. We guide you through treatments and give you tools on how to deal with things on your own. Through it all, we stand on the sidelines encouraging you and supporting you. When you face a challenge, we’ll help you through it. We won’t simply sit back and listen. We’ll ask you questions you might not have considered before, and give you answers you might not have heard before.

Depression Treatment Comes in Many Forms

There are many different forms of talk therapy that ourselves and other trained psychotherapists practice. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Guided Self-Help
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Behavioral Activation
  • Interpersonal Therapy
  • …and more

Within these forms of talk therapy, we can focus on the personal relationships that exacerbate your feelings of anxiety and depression. We can help to change the negative modes of thinking that are often associated with depression, and we can help to limit those distorted thought processes by giving you tips on how to look at your concerns more calmly and rationally.

Compassionate and Qualified Psychologists Are Just a Phone Call Away

Robin Bryant, Ph.D. has been a member of the American Psychological Association since 1993 and the New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute since 1996. Dr. Robin Bryant is more than capable of addressing your many concerns and issues. Contact us today to book your consultation.

Anxiety and Depression Do Not Have to Control Your Life

With our help, you can once again dictate the terms of your day-to-day life. Contact us today at (212) 721-8910.