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Couples Counseling in New York

If you are in search of a couples’ counselor who is sensitive to your relationship’s specific difficulties, look no further than Robin Bryant, Ph.D.. Dr. Bryant is unrivaled in their qualifications and commitment to helping clients through their difficult times.

Couples all over New York depend on the exceptional therapy services of Robin Bryant, Ph.D. Regardless of the individual or collective issues you are experiencing, you will find an open and welcoming environment.

We will articulate the various problems and situations your relationship is facing. With a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, we will improve your communication bond and mutual understanding. We'll help you move into the next step of your relationship with confidence and optimism.

Let the path to a brighter tomorrow start here. Contact us today at (212) 721-8910 to schedule your counseling session.


Exceptional Couples Therapy Sessions

A few issues and circumstances can arise throughout a relationship. During troubled times, communication is frequently compromised. This can make it especially challenging to solve various problems.

For years, Robin Bryant, Ph.D. has helped couples from all walks of life experience improved communication and cooperation. The decision to attend couples counseling is an empowering one, as both parties are committed to improvements. Regardless of the issues you are facing, you can depend on a positive outcome.

You and your significant other will improve both communication and listening skills and emerge with a better sense of each other's values and outlooks.

Private Therapy in a Comfortable Environment

Deciding to attend counseling with your partner can be challenging, but if you are choosing to do so, we want to make your experience as positive as possible.

To ease the situation, we are committed to welcoming you into a completely confidential and peaceful environment. Our office space is designed to make you feel at home, so you can be more at ease when discussing difficult topics with your partner.

Together, we will work to ensure a rewarding and enlightening experience for everyone involved.

Remote Therapy Available for You

During times when you are not able to leave your residence for various reasons, or commuting is too difficult, we offer virtual counseling sessions for all new and regular clients. We promise the same confidentiality in these sessions, and the same quality of care as well.

Counseling for Blended Families

Even the happiest of romantic unions undergo an adjustment period when blending families. Each parent has to find their place in the newly formed family and adapt accordingly. With the help of Dr. Bryant, this adjustment period can be a positive experience. With proper coping mechanisms and skills on how to navigate playing the role of parent to a new child, your relationship will only strengthen.

With our help, you will learn how to communicate boundaries related to parenting, discipline, and financial matters. In our sessions, you will have the space to freely express your frustrations, questions, and concerns with Dr. Bryant and your partner. Before long, you’ll find yourself in a stronger and more rewarding relationship—and your whole family will see its benefits.

Rebuild Trust Through Therapy

It is common for a couple to experience a break in trust at some point in their relationship. The couples who survive these disruptions are the ones who commit to working through their issues together. We can help you work through those issues.

We can show you how to relay your thoughts and emotions in a non-confrontational matter and how to listen to your partner’s concerns without becoming defensive. With our help, you can forge a new path together.

Trust can be lost quickly, while rebuilding trust takes time. Make sure you have the proper skills to rebuild it.

Premarital Counseling for Young Couples

Before young couples embark on their next chapter, it is best to address issues that have yet to be resolved. Doing so ensures that you and your spouse are ready for the next stage in the relationship. We can also show you how to effectively manage issues that might come up in the future as you move through your new life.

Our premarital sessions might cover:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Active listening approaches
  • Personal boundaries
  • Maintaining intimacy
  • Parental and blended family issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • And more

Give yourself the tools to maintain a healthy and harmonious relationship for years to come.

Advice and Support for Couples Issues

We place high importance on the comfort of our clients and the confidentiality of our sessions. Your session will take place in a comfortable, inviting space where you and your significant other will be encouraged to relax and open up. No topic in couples counseling is off-limits, and both individual and couples' issues can be discussed openly.

Some of the most common issues dealt with in couples therapy include the following:

  • Communication issues
  • Differences in values and opinions
  • Infidelities
  • Parenting matters and blended families
  • Addictions
  • Physical and mental health problems
  • Planning for the future
  • Career and education changes

You'll be given a chance to voice your concerns and to listen attentively to those of your partner. Each will have ample opportunity to absorb your partner’s comments and respond kindly. We will explore various solutions to the problems that are holding you back.

Comprehensive Couples Counseling for All

Robin Bryant has years of experience counseling unique couples from all backgrounds. We are proud to offer extensive couples counseling for:

  • Married couples
  • Unmarried couples
  • Divorced couples
  • Same-sex couples
  • Those who want to rekindle their romance
  • Those in the process of separation

Whatever the stage or circumstance of your partnership, we are more than happy to help. We understand that relationships can be tricky and that sharing your life with someone is not always easy, but having a safe space for communication can make all the difference.

Couples Therapy for Separating Couples

Couples therapy isn’t just for those who want to move forward together. It can be for those who are looking to part ways in a healthy and respectful manner, too.

If you and your partner have chosen to separate, you are at the beginning of a long journey towards healing. Often-times, individuals and couples will need extra support through this process as they separate from one another.

If you and your partner have financial or familial matters to resolve before you part ways, or you want to get some clarity and closure before ending the relationship, Robin Bryant is more than happy to provide support through this process.

Therapy for Couple's Who Wish to Rekindle Their Romance

Life is long and complicated. Any long-term relationship is bound to face dry spells when it comes to passion and romance. It may be easier than we would like to admit putting the needs of our loved ones on the back burner while we focus on work, hobbies, or developing ourselves.

If you and your partner wish to rekindle your romance and reignite that flame, you've come to the right place. Our counseling services offer you and your loved one a space to discuss what is missing from your relationship and what you wish to see moving forward.

Robin Bryant can guide the two of you in finding new ways to enjoy each other's company and spark joy in your relationship on the daily.

Couples Therapy for Parents

Many couples face difficulties and disagreements when it comes to raising children. Whether you are both the biological parents of your kids, or you are living in a mixed family, there are bound to be challenges along the way.

Robin Bryant has been providing counseling for parents for many years. We are proud to host a space in which parents can openly discuss the concerns they have for their kids and improve their collective duty of raising children.

Discussing your parenting issues away from your home and family will also respect the feelings of your children and limit any distress or conflict in the household.

Listening to the unique perspectives of your partner can help you understand more deeply their parenting wishes and help the two of you come up with new techniques that work for the whole family.

Couple's Therapy for Infidelity

One of the most common issues faced by couples is infidelity. If you or your partner has engaged in another romantic or sexual relationship, it can be a devastating betrayal.

Infidelity can be very difficult to deal with, and many couples choose to reach out for professional help.

Our couple's therapist has many years of experience addressing cheating with couples. We will help you discuss your deep feelings and pain surrounding the circumstance and help you decide whether the relationship is worth saving.

While infidelity has sadly torn many couples a part, many more have found the strength to rekindle their love and trust.

If you and your partner are willing to put in the work, we are happy to help you grow together.

Therapy to Address Different Beliefs and Opinions

A traditional partnership is made up of two people who choose to spend their time together. Love can be born out of similarity to one another, undeniable attraction, or curiosity about another person. Love can take many beautiful forms, but it is not uncommon that you and your loved one will not always see eye to eye.

If you have a different worldview from your partner, it can be tough to find common ground, especially when discussing contentious topics. Couple's therapy can help you and your loved one overcome differences and hopefully come to a deeper understanding of one another.

Therapy for Same-Sex Couples

All couples face similar issues in the way that they relate to one another. Same-sex couples, however, face a unique set of challenges that can be extremely difficult. Whether you or your partner is struggling to come out to your family, having identity issues, or if you are facing homophobia, these challenges are nuanced and can be very hard to overcome.

Robin Bryant has been working with same-sex couples for many years. We will take the time to understand your relationship and guide you through these issues with wisdom and compassion.

With a bit of guidance, you could be surprised by the clarity, strength, and power you find as a couple and as individuals.

For more information about same-sex couple's therapy, get in touch with us at (212) 721-8910 today.

Addiction Issues within a Relationship

Different people grapple with life's challenges in different ways. Sometimes, these challenges can lead individuals down an unhealthy path of addiction. While addiction has a primary effect on the person themself, it also affects their partner and loved ones.

If you or your partner are struggling with addiction, we are here to help.

We can help you address a variety of addictions, including:

  • Alcoholism
  • Narcotics
  • Gambling
  • Internet
  • Sex
  • Food
  • Retail
  • And more

Our services are entirely free of judgment. Dr. Bryant's goal is to help you better your relationship and provide you or your loved ones with the resources needed to improve their lifestyle and overall happiness.

Planning a Future with Couple's Therapy

A couple is made up of two unique individuals. It is not unlikely that these two people have different interests, dreams, passions, and visions for the future.

Being in a partnership is a choice that requires sacrifice. You or your partner will likely have to give up or change aspects of your future to meet each other's needs, but finding this middle ground is not always easy.

Seeking professional help is never a bad idea. Counseling can help you, and your loved one improve your communication skills as you talk openly about what you each want for your future together.

While being in the presence of a stranger may seem scary or uncomfortable, many clients find that having a mediator, and someone to prompt honest discussion, allows difficult conversations to be more productive and less intimidating.

Strengthen Your Bond with Regular Couples Counseling

Several couples choose to set up regular couples counseling sessions with us. They choose us to simply renew communication or in response to new circumstances in life.

Scheduling regular sessions can help you get a deep understanding of the issues at hand and discuss them critically. Whether you are working through a difficult life change, mental health issues, or on-going conflict, taking the time to talk about these problems consistently can alleviate anxieties and promote further dialogue between you and your partner.

Our services help maintain a healthy and open communication culture. Discover why countless couples in the New York area depend on our services.

Individual Therapy

Sometimes, we need to reflect on our difficulties and fears before discussing them with our partners. Opening up and being honest about how we feel can be very challenging, but attending an individual therapy session can help us ease into this process.

Individual psychotherapy explores the lived experience of the individual. We will focus on discussing the difficulties you are facing in relation to your past life events. Developing an understanding of how you have grown to be who you are today, can help put our lives in perspective and allow us to move forward in a way that better meets our individual needs.

Individual psychotherapy can be used in conjunction with couple's therapy or explore the needs of one person. To find out more about individual counseling, get in touch with Robin Bryant, and set up a meeting today.

Couples Therapist with Years of Experience

Robin Bryant, Ph.D. has been serving couples for several years. With years of experience serving a wide variety of couples, we have the insight and wisdom needed to assist couples with any issue.

Robin Bryant takes an open and engaging approach to therapy, allowing couples to lead the discussion while providing reflection, and prompting discussion when needed.

Our decades of experience and extensive credentials and qualifications help us instill a sense of openness and confidence in each individual and couple: allowing you to move forward in trust and agreement.

If you are in search of an experienced and detailed couples' therapist, you have come to the right place.

Couples Counseling with Convenient Scheduling

We serve many couples here in New York City, but we understand that many of our clients lead a busy life. That is why we do our best to accommodate the schedule of you and your partner. To discuss availability, get in touch with us today.

Schedule Your Therapy Session Today

A partnership is not always easy. Disagreements, significant life changes, and difficulty communicating are all common issues that couples face. Sometimes it takes the guidance and experience of an expert to allow you and your partner to look at each other's perspectives critically.

Discover the difference couples counseling can make in your relationship. Robin Bryant, Ph.D. has the knowledge, passion, and experience to restore and improve your relationship.

To learn more about couples counseling, or to schedule your session, reach out to us today.