If you and your significant other are considering embarking on the journey of relationship counseling, but you’re skeptical about the process and its effectiveness, you definitely aren’t the only ones.

Couples therapy can be an extremely beneficial experience, tackling recurring difficulties you may be going through and strengthening the relationship and bond you have with your partner. Still, there are factors that may contribute to whether your counseling will be effective or not.

Robin Bryant, Ph.D., is a fully certified psychologist who specializes in emotionally focused therapy. Her years of experience and tried and true expertise in relationship counseling make for a high rate of success, but she can only do half the work. The rest is up to you and your partner!

The First Step Is Believing in the Counseling Process

It might seem like a no-brainer but having full confidence and belief in the couples counseling process is the first step to reconciling the relationship you have with your partner. There must be a certain level of dedication. Both parties must be willing to participate and put in the time and effort.

This is no easy feat, but if both you and your significant other believe your partnership is worth it, this will seem much less difficult than letting each other go. If you’re willing to work through the issues at hand and truly withstand the test of time and hardship, this is also a great indicator of the commitment you have for one another.

Let yourself give in to the counseling process with Dr. Bryant and watch as you become a stronger and healthier couple. You might be surprised by how much you end up liking our counseling sessions as it allows for quality time and a safe space to air out your feelings and be understood.

Be Honest with Yourself and Your Partner During Counseling Sessions

We cannot stress enough how important it is to be fully honest during our couples counseling appointments. This is not only about being honest with Dr. Bryant but with your partner and yourself as well. Honesty is only ever a good thing, as long as your feelings and opinions are voiced in a respectful and non-accusatory way.

Do you have a hard time understanding how you are feeling? Are you prone to ignoring your unpleasant thoughts and feelings and shoving them to the back of your mind? We’ll work together to uncover what you might not be allowing yourself to feel, and we’ll do step-by-step exercises to help you recognize and label your emotions properly. This way, you can be fully honest with yourself as well as your significant other.

With the help of Robin Bryant, Ph. D., you’ll learn how to foster and value honesty and transparency in all aspects of your relationship, and this might serve you in different aspects of your life as well.

Relationship Counseling Allows for Better Lines of Communication

During your session with Dr. Bryant, you’ll learn effective communication skills that will allow you to express complex emotions and even hard truths that you may fear will hurt the other person. As long as you frame things in a positive, non-toxic manner, you’ll learn that absolutely anything can be shared with your partner. If this is someone who loves you, they’ll be able to listen to what you have to say and understand actively.

Make sure to cut bad habits like contemptuous comments and sarcasm, as these are not at all productive and are only harmful to your lines of communication. By changing your patterns of interaction with each other in communication and body language, you’ll be pushing the dynamics of your relationship in the right direction and will be so much better for it.

Robin Bryant, Ph.D.’s relationship counseling will help steer any couple towards positive and respectful communication. If this is ultimately not possible, the nature of the relationship might be an abusive one, and there might be a need to evaluate whether the partnership is good for you.

The Dos and Don’ts of Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can seem a little intimidating from afar, especially when you’re already feeling the distress of a relationship that has clearly become dysfunctional. There are some things you can keep in mind before starting your relationship therapy.


  • Speak honestly
  • Reframe your emotional responses to each other
  • See each other as teammates rather than opponents
  • Be empathetic
  • Become more self-aware
  • Have an open mind
  • Be patient


  • Expect instant change
  • Hide certain aspects of your relationship from your therapist
  • Badger or berate your partner
  • Try to force the other to feel the same as you do
  • Talk over each other
  • Be unwilling to change your own behavior
  • Give up!

By following the above recommendations and truly giving your all, there is a very great chance you and your partner will come out of our sessions closer than ever. If you have any doubts about the process, it is always best to air them out at the get-go, and Dr. Bryant will do her best to reassure you.

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