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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy is always a good starting place to figure out who you are and why you are at the place in life you now find yourself. It works well either alone or in conjunction with Couples Therapy but it should be conducted by a different therapist than the person you use for Couples Counseling. That really makes sense because the person you choose to work with individually is really focused on you and you alone, independent of the partner you choose to be with. The journey here is deeper and tailored just to you, your history, your background, members of your family of origin, your experiences with them and how you have grown to be who you are. By contrast, the purpose of Couples Therapy is to explore the partnership itself, how it functions and how it can best serve each person within it. The goal in Couples Therapy is to find as much happiness within the couple as possible, balancing the needs of two very different people. So the goals are very different.