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Marriage Counseling in New York City

If you are considering marriage counseling sessions, look no further than Robin Bryant, Ph.D. For years, we have assisted married couples in the New York City area to strengthen their relationship and bond.

We offer a welcoming environment where speaking is just as important as listening. We will explore various challenges and circumstances and propose multiple solutions for any of the issues in your marriage. You will experience improved communication and awareness of your spouse’s needs as well as your own.

Give your relationship the attention it deserves. To schedule a marriage counseling appointment, contact us today at (212) 721-8910.

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Couples Counseling Can Reignite the Flame of Love and Commitment

Every relationship can experience peaks and valleys over time. That is why it’s essential to keep in mind that there are many tools available to help you and your partner weather each storm together— no matter what issues you are facing.

Couples counseling is a powerful element that can benefit your bond and reignite the flames of love, compassion, and commitment within your partnership. Our therapists work at your pace to understand the challenges you face and equip you with the tools you’ll need to navigate obstacles of all types successfully.

We are compassionate listeners who operate without judgment and provide you with the space and resources necessary for you and your loved one to gain a better understanding of one another and what it takes to navigate through this world together as a strengthened, bonded unit.

Would you like to learn more about some of the types of work we do with clients facing obstacles in their romantic relations? We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have. Reach our team to book an appointment to consult with us at no obligation on your behalf whatsoever.

How Do You Know if Your Marriage Needs Counseling?

If you feel like you are not being heard or your needs are not being met deep down in your heart, that is a sure sign that taking steps toward healing could significantly improve your happiness and state of mind.

As time passes, it’s easy to get caught up in life’s responsibilities, but taking the first step toward maintaining your relationship with your spouse is the best way to establish a solid and mutually beneficial foundation from which to draw from going forward.

While only you can decide to attend marriage counseling sessions, we gently encourage you to put your health and wellness at the forefront, leading to improvements in many other aspects of your life.

Book a risk-free marriage consultation to explore the many benefits of exploring healthy ways to improve your connection with your partner. Phone us today to get started.

Marriage and Family Therapist

When problems in your marriage are affecting more than you and your spouse, a marriage and family therapist can help you establish a solid plan for regaining peace of mind in your household.

When in-laws, children, and other family members share close quarters with you and your partner, it can be challenging to establish boundaries that consider the needs and well-being of all parties. Allow us to help you navigate a clear path forward that leads to fulfilling relationships with the people you love.

Reach out to schedule an appointment whenever is most convenient for you.

How Robin Bryant, Ph.D. in New York City can Improve Your Marriage

We are committed to helping you are your partner improve your communication skills so your romantic relationship is nourished sufficiently to grow and heal. We will ensure your perspectives are aligned, so you’re both invested in the process of counseling and have positive take-aways from our sessions.

We can help you get a deeper understanding of each other, be an impartial sounding board, create a safe space for honest expressions of emotions, learn successful coping skills and enhance your communications skills. Robin Bryant, Ph.D.’s work can be instrumental in producing a relationship that is developed with the fundamentals of consideration, mutual respect, and trust.

Find a Couples Therapist You Connect With

Trust and safety are the backbones of all connections, and it's no different when you are trying to find a couple's therapist that one or both partners can connect with. Don't be discouraged if you've struggled to establish open communication with a medical professional in the past.

We're always open to consulting with you at no obligation to make sure you and your partner are comfortable and confident in our ability to provide you with the relationship counseling you need to succeed.

Strengthen Your Marriage Today

Every couple faces ups and downs over the course of their marriage. With Dr. Bryant's counseling services, you won’t just survive these hardships—you will come out thriving.

We strive to teach our clients the tools to resolve conflicts without confrontation. We teach spouses how to express their emotions clearly, and how to de-center themselves from discussions related to another person’s feelings or experiences. Whether you and your spouse are currently embroiled in matters related to infidelity, longstanding conflicts, or issues related to in-laws, we can help.

Would you like to learn more about our services? Are you wondering if you should pursue individual counseling prior to couples’ therapy? Whatever the question, whatever the concern, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to take your call.

Accessing Counseling Has Never Been Easier

When you contact the offices of Dr. Bryant, you are treated to a positive, hassle-free experience like no other. In our offices, we make time for every person who calls us with a question or concern. If you have questions regarding remote counseling, rescheduling, or other concerns, we will more than happily speak with you. Over the years, we have learned how to address—and anticipate—the most common and unexpected questions clients might have.

Would you like to reschedule an upcoming session? Do you have questions about your insurance coverage, or other issues related to payment? We are always here to help you.

Personalized Marriage Therapy Sessions

A considerable variety of married couples choose to undergo marriage counseling at some point in their union. It is natural for circumstances and situations to arise over many years of a relationship. After so much time together, the fundamentals of the relationship can be forgotten, leading to problems in communication. Fortunately, Robin Bryant, Ph.D. is here to supply all your marriage counseling needs.

We have served a broad range of couples from all walks of life and have unmatched insights into the issues all couples face. We understand both the individual and the collective concerns and how these can overlap.

You will emerge from your marriage counseling session with a renewed sense of hope and confidence in the strength of your bond.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Is couples therapy the right course of action for you and your partner? Are you wondering if it's worth the investment and what the return may be? There are many benefits you can take away from our sessions.

Some of these include:

  • You develop an understanding of how to overcome problems in a healthy way.
  • You gain communication skills that allow you to foster the positivity needed to build and maintain a strong bond.
  • You learn ways to asset your needs and goals without being aggressive or offensive.
  • You gain experience in expressing yourself without anger or resentment, driving your communication skills.
  • You gain the skills needed to accept and forgive yourself and others.
  • You gain deeper insight into yourself and your partner.
  • You learn the skills needed to face and manage crises in a healthy manner.
  • You build honesty and trust within your relationship.
  • You discover ways to rekindle romance and keep intimacy alive within your relationship.
  • And much more!

It is normal to experience turbulence in your relationship. It's important to keep in mind that it does not mean you are destined to fail when you are struggling. In our sessions, you and your spouse will learn the skills needed to weather any storm. Phone us to get started with a no-risk consultation.

Affordable Marriage Coaching Expertise

Our goal is to provide you with a safe, judgment-free environment to explore and move through complex issues that prevent you and your partner from connecting and working together. To do this, we keep our pricing as affordable as possible to reach more families in need. Would you like to learn more about our budget-friendly marriage coaching options? Don't hesitate to phone us for answers to any questions you may have.

Discuss The Challenges You Face in Your Marriage with Our Experts

Staying committed to an individual in a long-term relationship is one of the most difficult tasks that human beings undergo. Every day, we see couples around us getting together and breaking up. When you share your daily life with another, there are bound to be arguments, disagreements and fights. However, navigating such situations is the difference between a successful relationship and one that will eventually fail.

If you and your partner are not seeing eye to eye on most things, it may be a sign that you need our experienced marriage counseling services. There are several repeated patterns and common challenges couples face when they decide they need to visit Robin Bryant, Ph.D.. Here, we’ve listed a few so you can determine whether you are at the right point in your relationship to seek our expert help:

  • Indifference: If you notice that you or your spouse have turned indifferent toward each other and your troubles. An antipathy in your response toward your partner and their life or vice versa is a distinct signal that your marriage needs work
  • Constant Fights: Too much passion can skew towards the negative side. If you and your spouse are struggling to get along, fighting or engaging in mostly negative communication, it is a sign that there is a breakdown in discourse
  • Being dishonest: When couples begin to lie to each other or keep secrets for their own best interest or selfish reason, it could signify that there is an underlying lack of trust involved
  • Lacking Intimacy: If you’re finding it difficult to be intimate with your partner, it may be time to visit our facility
  • Antagonistic perceptions: If your partner or yourself have begun viewing each other as the antagonist or the ‘bad guy,’ you have taken opposite sides to subjects. When you’re not on the same team but feel like you’re playing for the opposing teams, our skilled therapists can assist.
  • Infidelity: If infidelity occurs in the relationship from either side, it can be a tough obstacle for both parties, but we want to help you try to repair the damage.

Our competent therapists are well-versed in helping clients wade through such tough situations to come out better at the other end. Our tried-and-tested techniques can help you, and your spouse see the root causes of the issue and see each other in a better light.

Is a Marriage Therapist Worth it?

Will working with a marriage therapist really work? When your relationship reaches an impasse, it can be challenging to navigate the way forward on your own. Here are some indicators that a marriage therapist might be the right option for you:

  • Both you and your spouse are willing to participate in therapy sessions
  • You are both eager to commit to the therapy process decided on during sessions

Our therapies are designed to help both partners feel secure and comfortable opening up about the things that are causing distress within your partnership. We've worked hard to create a non-judgmental, safe, and comfy space for couples of all walks of life.

Feel free to connect with us to learn more about what our relationship therapists can help you achieve.

Choose Premarital Counseling for a Long and Healthy Marriage

Pre-marital counseling is a smart way to set yourself up for success and longevity within your marriage. During these sessions, you can expect to discuss:

  1. Your expectations
  2. Your beliefs about the roles each spouse will play in your marriage
  3. How you plan to resolve future conflicts
  4. Your feelings about financial management
  5. Intimacy expectations and reservations
  6. Plans for children or the decision to remain childfree
  7. And much more!

Sit down with our licensed therapist during a no-obligation consultation to learn more about the benefits of working with a pre-marital counselor.

Marriage Counseling Starts with a Detailed Consultation

To ensure highly customized and beneficial marriage counseling, we must begin by conducting a consultation. When you get in touch with us, we will set up your first appointment. During this initial meeting, we will gain an understanding of your marriage and the challenges you are facing.

It’s vital for both parties in the marriage to be on the same page when beginning counseling. For lasting, positive change to occur, both you and your spouse need to put in the effort and engage equally. Our first consultation will be the time where your counselor will get to know you, and you’ll get to know your counselor. By asking poignant and direct questions, we’ll identify your goals as a couple and the aspects of your relationship that you need to work on for improved marital satisfaction on both ends. Your counselor will gently engage you in a fair exchange between listening and speaking to establish a common trajectory for growth.

At this point, we will be able to lay the groundwork for successful therapy. Each partner will have the opportunity to explain their concerns and the main difficulties they are experiencing. We will also discuss logistics, including our rates, when you will both be available to meet, and how regularly you would like to attend counseling.

Furthermore, we will take this opportunity to answer any questions or concerns you have about the process before getting started. At our clinic, we believe that for therapy to have the best results, the client-counselor relationship needs to be one of mutual trust and understanding. That’s why we place great emphasis on exploring your goals and answering your questions during our first appointment. Your initial visit with us will allow you to familiarize yourself with how we work and decide if our clinic is a good fit for you.

Individual Counseling Services

Some couples might feel that they need to investigate some of their more personal issues and thought processes prior to couples’ therapy, or concurrently. For those individuals, we offer one-on-one sessions.

Dr. Bryant is also more than happy to meet with partners one on one before pursuing marriage counseling. Sometimes opening up can be difficult, but developing a deeper understanding of your personal desires and needs can allow you the strength to address issues found in your partnership.

Individual sessions are tailored to you. We will discuss your present state and get an understanding of how your past has shaped the person you are today. You can use what you learn in these sessions to better communicate issues and feelings with your spouse—during and after the couple’s counseling sessions.

To learn more about individual psychotherapy, in conjunction with marriage counseling, get in touch with us today.

Counseling: No Marriage or Individual Topic Is Off Limits

Have you been harboring resentments? Do sensitive issues always come up when you and your spouse have an argument? We can discuss all these things and more—in a calm fashion. Marriage counseling is a perfect opportunity to discuss any number of issues dealt with in a marriage. Couples frequently feel alone in their struggles when, in fact, countless other couples deal with the same situations.

Marriage counseling is the ideal forum to discuss issues such as the following:

  • Parenting matters
  • Blended families and second marriages
  • Health problems
  • Addictions
  • Infidelities
  • Intimacy issues
  • Financial problems
  • Communication difficulties
  • Divorce or separation
  • Grief

Counseling sessions are a safe space. No topic is off-limits. By utilizing recognized methodologies and proven techniques and combining these with genuine compassion, we’ll delve deep into the heart of your marital dissatisfaction to uncover, and ultimately, change the root issues in your relationship.

You’ll be encouraged to voice your thoughts as well as listen attentively to your spouse. The goal is to align both parties towards understanding their own perspectives as well as those of each other. In the end, you will walk away understanding more about yourself, and your spouse, too.

Marriage Counseling: Articulating Problems and Finding Solutions

In your marriage counseling session, a policy of openness and honesty will be established. First of all, we will restore your communication and proceed with acknowledging specific problems and issues.

We’ll explore various solutions tailored to you and your spouse, ultimately to get you closer than ever.

Marriage counseling has helped couples of all ages and backgrounds restore their partnership and move forward, stronger than ever. If you are looking for a highly qualified counselor, look no further than Dr. Bryant.

Professional Marriage Counseling in a Comfortable Setting

At Robin Bryant, Ph.D., we strive to make you as comfortable as possible. We want you and your partner to feel welcome when sharing sensitive issues that are difficult to talk about. One of the primary ways we work to ensure your comfort is by hosting a pleasant and inviting counseling space.

Equipped with cozy couches, tissues, and warm lighting, we hope that you and your partner will feel right at home in our space. Hopefully, with a relaxed setting, and the expert guidance of Robin Bryant, progress can be made toward improving your partnership and reinstating your union.

Furthermore, we always ensure that our space is kept immaculately clean and tidy.

Marriage Issues Commonly Faced

Every partnership is unique in a variety of ways. Couples face many different challenges throughout their marriage. Life can throw curveballs that can compromise the love and teamwork that has been built between you and your spouse over the years.

Dr. Bryant has helped dozens of couples face these difficulties head-on. Over the years, we’ve encountered many complex and difficult to untangle issues. When it comes to healing, open communication is critical. We encourage our clients not to hold back, but to let their truth be heard.

Some couples enter into marriage with a barrage of difficulties they’re already working to resolve. For others, issues arise much later in their relationship. These issues can vary, but there are a number of common ones among the couples that have visited Dr. Bryant. Some of the most common issues faced by married couples include the following:

Lack of Communication

We hear from many clients who feel as though they’re not being heard in a relationship. Others feel they cannot voice their concerns of feelings without conversations turning into confrontations.

Communication loss is one of the most common issues faced by couples. Communication is overarching and extends into all other challenges that could arise. Being able to have an open and honest conversation with your partner is key to a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Do you feel as if your spouse does not recognize your voice, ideas, and concerns? It’s time to open up, and we’re here to help you do that. With Dr. Bryant’s guidance, you and your spouse will learn how to approach tough subjects without fear of dismissal or confrontation.

Health Issues

Be them mental or physical, health problems can put a strain on your marriage. If you or your partner are having health issues, you need to learn how to support each other. You need to separate the ebb and flow of the health problems from the relationship, and give space for the ailing partner to express their frustrations without worry. Dr. Bryant can help you articulate your concerns and move forward.

Blended Families

Have you been struggling to understand your role in the lives of your spouse’s children from a previous relationship? Are you unsure how much you should try to integrate your children with theirs? These struggles are common.

While second marriages and blended families can be joyous, they can also bring emotional turmoil to parents and children alike. If you are having difficulty adjusting to the new family dynamics, it’s best to have an open dialogue. Dr. Bryant will discuss these new circumstances with you and your partner, helping you find new avenues of teamwork.


Whether you and your partner have chosen to be co-dependent or if you each make your own money, finances can often find themselves at the center of your marriage issues. Maybe you and your spouse are struggling financially and are having difficulty allocating money where it needs to go. Perhaps the economic and professional success of one partner weighs personally on the other. Whatever the issue may be, we are more than happy to assist you in discussing these challenges and help you find meaningful solutions that benefit you both.


Nobody is perfect, and it’s not uncommon to lean on certain unhealthy habits when the going gets tough. If you or your spouse have developed an addiction, however, it can put a real strain on your partnership and family.

Our marriage counseling services can help you address drug and alcohol addictions as well as addictions to gambling, food, and the internet. Our sessions are always non-judgmental and allow couples to discuss these challenges freely.


Losing a loved one can have an immense effect on your mental health. Grief is a powerful emotion that can cause confusion, depression, and fear. Many couples will experience marital issues in the aftermath of a death. Talking about your grief, however, can promote healing for you and your partner and allow you to move forward in unity.


Although devastating, infidelities are not uncommon and ruin many marriages. There are many couples, however, that choose to work through these issues using counseling and emerge stronger than ever.

If you or your partner has committed infidelity, we are here to support you. Dr. Bryant can help you both understand the implications critically and discuss what the next steps could be to bring you back together.


Sex and intimacy are fundamental parts of all marriages. It is not uncommon for sexual desire, interest, and connection to change over time, but the loss of sexual chemistry and unity can be very sensitive and upsetting for both partners. If you and your spouse wish to rekindle your sexual relationship or understand your sexual differences more deeply, open dialogue is key.

We can offer you the space to discuss these private issues without judgment.


Parenting is never easy. It’s often described as the hardest job there is. Many married couples struggle with how they wish to parent their children, and this can cause strain to your unity as a whole. Dr. Bryant will help you discuss your contradicting beliefs and come to amicable agreements, that will better your family now and into the future.

Divorce or Separation

Our clients come to us in all stages of life and all stages of relationships. Perhaps you and your spouse are separated but living together. Maybe one of you has expressed a desire for a divorce. There's no pre-or post-marital situation in which marriage counseling is irrelevant. Speaking with a professional can help separated and divorced couples strengthen their relationship just as much as any other couple. Not all couples that try counseling get back together, but at our clinic, you'll find a safe space where you can discuss your differences, gain understanding, and move forward to a future of healing and acceptance, whatever that may look like.

Future Goals

While marriage is a unity, it is ultimately a partnership made up of two unique individuals, who often have personal dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Couples often find themselves having conflicting views about their hopes and desires for the future, and this can lead to animosity between those involved in the union. The key to a happy marriage is fulfilling your aspirations while celebrating and supporting those of your spouse. If you need a hand hashing out these differences, the office of Robin Bryant is at your service!

What it Means to Communicate

There are many people who think they’re excellent communicators. They consider themselves an excellent conversation partner. They’ve always felt comfortable speaking with strangers at parties, making new friends, and establishing familiarity with new people quickly. Unfortunately, having a knack for winning over new people doesn’t always guarantee that one will be a great communicator in long-term relationships.

When extroverted, socially outgoing people such as these types are told that they might not be great at communicating with their romantic partner, they’re quite surprised.

Many people misunderstand the tenets of intimacy and communication in a relationship. While knowing how to cultivate an inviting atmosphere is a valuable gift in any setting, connections between spouses must go deeper than the connections of two acquaintances who share a similar temperament.

What does healthy communication look like? Should people be alarmed if openness does not come naturally? What are spouses supposed to do with criticism direct at them? How are they supposed to respond?

Breaking Through Spousal Communication Barriers

In your sessions with Dr. Bryant, we can teach you how to break through your barriers and communicate in an open and healthy manner. Intimacy and communication between romantic partners are about fulfilling one’s needs. Communicating with your partner requires you to listen closely and dig deeply into yourself—for your benefit and theirs.

Identifying Your Spouse’s Needs

While we all have the same fundamental needs, the order of importance varies from person to person. Some individuals might require more assurance that they’re important to the other person. In instances where one wants their importance affirmed, communication is absolutely key. If a spouse finds themselves unable to express needs like these, they’ll go through the relationship feeling insecure or even unfulfilled.

With proper communication, these feelings of insecurity or a desire for more assurance and affirmation won’t have a chance to fester. Dr. Bryant can help you and your spouse communicate your needs in a healthy, non-confrontational manner.

Eliminating Confrontation from the Equation

There are many couples who can only get so far in their discussions with one another. Shortly after one spouse expresses how they’re feeling, the other partner becomes defensive. In some cases, partners may reject the sentiments in a fit of denial.

We can help you eliminate confrontation and combative language from your difficult conversations. We can show you how to share your feelings—and listen to your partner’s feelings—in a healthy and respectful manner.

There will always be times when difficult subjects arise in long-term relationships. The trick is knowing how to approach these subjects. Let us help you develop your skills to persevere through the hard times and live a happy, fulfilling partnership.

Experienced Marriage Therapist Serving New York City

Our marriage counseling services have benefitted New York-area couples for a number of years. A wide range of couples choose us for our expertise and experience. We are pleased to offer an inviting and comfortable location and promptly scheduled abilities. A number of couples also choose to set up regularly scheduled counseling sessions.

We have decades of experience as well as extensive training and qualifications. With us, you can be confident of a stronger and renewed commitment to marriage.

Working with Our Marriage Therapist: Dr. Robyn Bryant

Dr. Robin Bryant, Ph.D., has been helping couples recover their marriages for years. Her approach to therapy is tried and true. It focuses on allowing both partners the opportunity to speak their minds and discuss their unique points of view.

In doing this, underlying conflicts and miscommunications are fleshed out, laying a foundation for the couple to grow together in truth and continued honesty.

Dr. Bryant has created a space that is entirely open and non-judgmental, ensuring that each partner can speak freely about challenging subjects and come to a deeper understanding of one another.

Dr. Bryant is highly educated and has years of experience. You can trust her knowledge and expertise to guide you in restoring your marriage.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing for Our Counseling

At Robin Bryant, Ph.D., we recognize that price plays a role in the decisions made by our clients, and that’s why we are happy to be able to offer our unparalleled marriage counseling services at very competitive prices. During our initial consultation, we can discuss the hourly rate of our counseling services and ensure that we are on the same page as you before we get started.

Providing transparent prices is one of the many ways we work to make the satisfaction and comfort of our clients a priority.

With all that being said, the guidance and expertise you will receive from Robin Bryant will help you and your spouse see your partnership in a new light, which is entirely invaluable.

Counseling for Newlyweds

It’s never too late for marriage counseling—and it’s never too early, either. A common misconception we encounter at our clinic is that counseling is only for couples that are struggling. In truth, many of our clients are newlyweds and happy couples simply looking to put their best foot forward as they begin a lifelong journey of partnership. Counseling is a fantastic investment for your relationship, no matter how long you’ve been married or what stage of life you’re in.

Our sessions with you and your spouse will delve into each of your emotional and psychological needs. We’ll discuss the relational role models you’ve had in your life and how they may have affected your expectations for marriage, both positively or negatively. By actively learning about these pre-existing values and notions, you’ll gain a better understanding of how you can support each other. Our sessions will equally equip you with practical communication tools that will facilitate conversations that are sincere, calm, and useful for positive change. Improved methods of communication will serve you throughout the minor decisions of daily life, as well as the drastic life changes and issues in the future.

The first few years of marriage can be a whirlwind of love, hurt, compromises, and challenges. A new partnership is rarely smooth sailing from the start. It takes commitment and hard work to learn how to work, play, and live as a united team. Perhaps the best wedding gift you can give yourselves is a safe place to learn to grow together. To find out more about our counseling services for newlyweds, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic.

Virtual Marriage Counseling Options

In today's go-go-go society—especially in New York City—it can be hard to find the time to make a counseling appointment. At our clinic, many of our clients are busy working professionals trying to balance a full-time career with marriage, children, family, and friends. That's why we've made it our mission to adapt and flex to meet your needs. We're excited to offer virtual counseling sessions by secure video-conference technology. By booking a remote appointment, you can connect with your counselor via your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other personal device with a Wi-Fi connection. In fact, you and your spouse don't even need to be in the same place (or time zone). All three participants can connect with each other from an individual device.

Our remote marriage counseling services work just like our in-clinic sessions. The only difference is that you can participate from the comfort of your own home. Our clinic has invested in a high-strength, secure online connection so that we can communicate virtually with crystal-clear picture and audio.

Interested, but not sure how to get started? You don't have to be tech-savvy to benefit from our e-counseling platform. We've designed our online counseling sessions to be as user-friendly as possible. If you need some computer coaching before you book an appointment, don't hesitate to call our phone line, and we'll explain how our online calls work step by step.

Seeing a counselor has never been so convenient. Book your video counseling session today.

Marriage Counseling Homework

One of the vital aspects of counseling is application. While your appointment in-person with your counselor may only last one hour, in order to see the best results, you need to put what you learn during that hour into action every hour of the day. If this is your first time in marriage counseling, don't be surprised if your therapist assigns you "homework" to complete outside your appointment time. We regularly implement at-home communication and couple exercises as part of our overall counseling programs. Of course, these assigned tasks are optional. You can decide for yourself whether you participate. However, we've seen great success stories come from small at-home workshops like these. Our homework activities are popular techniques specially designed to bolster the effectiveness of your counseling sessions. Rest assured, these activities are simple and engaging and will ultimately help you put theory into practice.

Strengthen Your Marriage with Professional Counseling

When things get difficult, there is no shame in seeking professional assistance. Investing in marriage therapy proves that the love and respect you have for your partner is important and worth saving.

For years Dr. Bryant has been assisting couples as they come to terms with their conflicts and differences. Whether you disagree on how to parent your children, have recently experienced infidelity, or are feeling disconnected, we welcome you to discover our services.

Many couples have found great peace and a stronger sense of unity and love after utilizing our marriage therapy.

For all your marriage counseling needs, the professionals at Robin Bryant, Ph.D. are ready to serve. We have the skills and resources to provide you with outstanding counseling services.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.