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Premarital Counseling in New York

If you and your partner are looking to learn the skills needed to prepare yourself for a lifetime of loving companionship, contact Robin Bryant, Ph.D.. Our premarital counseling services will teach you how to find the joys in every moment spent together. Call us at (212) 721-8910 to schedule your initial evaluation.


Prepare for the Wonderful Road Ahead with Premarital Counseling Services

Relationships have many stages. With each stage can come a whole new variety of experiences and dynamics previously unknown to both you and your spouse. After the initial meeting and attraction, there is the stage of curiosity, interest, and infatuation. Then comes the stage of “enlightenment” that may solidify or sever a couple’s bond.

For couples to enter the next stage, which for many might be marriage, it is best that they both have a strong understanding of one another’s values, lifestyles, hopes, and dreams. They need to be well-practiced in open and honest conversations. We’ll help you develop the communication skills and self awareness techniques you’ll need to have those conversations. 

Are you and your spouse looking to strengthen your relationship and ready yourselves for the journey that lies ahead? Contact the offices of Dr. Bryant and schedule your first consultation.

Pre-Marriage Counseling Courtesy of a Trained Professional

Something as special as a relationship should only be handled with care. You and your spouse already know this, and that is why you are seeking the tools to care for it during life’s many challenges.

There is no one more qualified to handle your relationship and its many intricacies than Dr. Bryant. Her years of experience ensure that your issues will be met with the seriousness and care they deserve. 

Even the Strongest Couples Can Benefit from Counseling Services

Today, there is still a stigma surrounding relationship counseling and therapy. People worry what their friends and family might think if they heard they were seeing a relationship counselor. They believe that only a couple on the verge of separation would seek the help of a therapist.

For many, this is not the case at all. If you visit a counselor, it doesn’t mean your relationship is broken—it means you are taking the steps to ensure it never breaks in the future.

Being proactive and developing a deeper understanding of your spouse and your own self is perfectly healthy and can only benefit you both in the long run.

Strengthen Your Bond Through Couples Counseling  

With the help of Dr. Bryant, you and your spouse can enter the new stage of your relationship stronger than ever. You will be able to handle all the new experiences that come your way and discuss delicate matters without having them spiral into needless arguments. 

Leave Behind Old Grudges with the Help of Premarital Therapy

Many couples entering a new stage of their relationship still have unresolved issues that date back to the early days of their relationship. If left unchecked, these grudges and resentments can become a toxic presence in any couple’s relationship.

Dr. Bryant will work with you and your partner to bring these long-held grudges to the surface. She will teach you how to use open and honest communication to free yourselves of these conflicts once and for all.

Relationship Counseling Gives You the Tools to Thrive Together

For you and your spouse to both thrive in a marriage, there needs to be a foundation built upon trust, effective communication, and mutual respect. When you and your spouse have those things, all the challenges of your professional lives and your relationship aren’t just endurable—they’re an opportunity for further growth. They’re a chance for you to both make your bond even stronger.

With so much time spent luxuriating in the bliss of an exciting new relationship, some partners have not yet seen how the other spouse deals with finances, interpersonal conflict, or an unfriendly in-law. With counseling services, you and your spouse can learn how to cope with these small issues before they even arise. If they do emerge, you will both have the skills to resolve issues appropriately.

With the help of Dr. Robin Bryant, you and your spouse can grow stronger together. To request our services, call us today.

Your Counseling Services Begin with an In-Depth Evaluation

To best determine which issues, you and your spouse want to explore, we will begin your first session with a thorough evaluation. This evaluation encompasses who you are as individuals and who you are as a unit.

Couples Counseling from a Licensed Therapist

Robin Bryant, Ph.D. offers thoughtful and wholly confidential counseling services in a calming and professional setting.

We are qualified to help you strengthen your spousal bond in a variety of ways, some of which include:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Tools for Blended Families
  • Establishing Meaningful Foundations
  • Stress Management
  • Same-Sex and LGBTQIA+ Couples Counseling

Premarital Therapy Is About Preparing for the Long Road Ahead

While you might be curious about premarital couples’ therapy, you might also be feeling cautious. Many people are wary of premarital therapists because of the stigma that surrounds the couples who seek them.

But the truth is that many of our clients, especially those in the premarital stages, are quite happy and full of love. They’re not looking for band-aids or someone to repair what is broken. They’re being proactive and simply seeking skills to deal with the potential decades of life events that await them.

Let the Counselors at Robin Bryant, Ph.D. Teach You the Skills to Achieve Mutual Happiness

Our therapists don’t tell you that the way you approach conflicts is incorrect. We teach you how to approach those moments correctly.

The Best Premarital Counseling Services in All of New York

While the honeymoon stage of a marriage has to end one day, that doesn’t mean harmony, health, and happiness have to. Contact Robin Bryant, Ph.D. today.

We look forward to meeting with you.